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Spicy Ginger Chili Lemonade Recipe

                                                  Spicy Ginger Chili Lemonade Recipe                         

The allure of lemonade is in its balance between sweet and tart, this recipe has the loving addition of heat, especially in the form of a spicy chili ginger syrup.
The kick from a homemade fresh chili ginger syrup amps up the addictive quality of this warm weather beverage. It's that sweet-sour combination that comes through first, while the heat settles in at the end of the gulp.
You know that sensation while eating spicy food where, after one bite, you immediately want to take another? Well, replace "bite" with "sip" and that describes the experience of drinking this lemonade.
Sweet, sour, heat, repeat.

Spicy Chili  Ginger Lemonade

Makes 11 (1-cup) servings

10 ounces fresh ginger
2 cups sugar
10 cups water, divided
2 cups freshly-squeezed lemon juice (from about 15 lemons) 
1 teaspoon of Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Powder. ( You can replace with Carolina Reaper, 7 Pod chili peppers or the range of trinidad scorpion chili peppers from
Peel the ginger and chop into roughly 1/4-inch pieces. Combine the ginger, sugar, and 4 cups of the water in a medium pot over high heat. Bring to a boil, reduce the heat to medium, and simmer for 45 minutes. Strain the syrup through a fine mesh sieve, pressing on the ginger with the back of a spoon. You should have about 3 cups of syrup. Cool to room temperature.
Combine the lemon juice and remaining 6 cups water in a large pitcher or pot. Stir in all of the ginger syrup. Chill before serving or serve over ice.

Recipe Notes

  • Feel free to adjust the amount of simple syrup based on your personal taste.
Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Chili Pepper
Firehouse Chilli Trinidad Moruga Scorpion is  100 times hotter than any other Chili. The key to this chili pepper is the whole culinary experience. Used in moderation you will get the holy experience of the capsaicin rush(has been described as a edible version of sky diving) and the unique sweet-hot tender fruity and floral flavor.
Firehouse Chilli Trinidad Scorpion Moruga is directly sourced from the island of Trinidad and Tobago. This ensures a higher purity, aroma, flavour and capsaicin (heat) content. for all your hot chili pepper requirements .

Yellow version of the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion red is available. It has a nice fruity flavor and sweeter than it's red relative and has a citrus kind of taste with slightly less heat than Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Red 

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